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Innovv C1 Car Dashboard Camera

The Innovv C1 dashboard digicam is manufactured with the aid of the chinese language enterprise Innovv Tech (blog at innovvactioncam.blogspot.com). This organization is the manufacturer of the 808 #18, 808 #26 and DR32 cameras. The Innovv C1 is an instantaneous competitor to the very famous Mobius DVR and uses the same Novatek 96650 processor and the Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor.

It data 1080p at 30f/s with an average bit price of about 15,000kpbs. like the Mobius, this camera does now not include GPS or display screen. it is also very small at sixty two x 39 x 18mm. one of the drawbacks is that the camera makes use of an 8-pin proprietary USB cable which might be hard to locate in case you are looking for a replacement cable or an extended cable.

wide Dynamic variety

The Innovv has firmware huge Dynamic variety (WDR) functionality to improve low light video pleasant. This improves performance at night but it isn’t actual hardware primarily based wide dynamic variety.

Dynamic range is measured in decibels (dB) and most cameras have a dynamic range of 60 dB to 80 dB. The human eye has a dynamic variety of approximately 100 dB. some thing better than a hundred dB is frequently known as “wide Dynamic range”.

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whilst the Novatek NT96650 Processor supports huge Dynamic variety, the CMOS sensor used, the Aptina AR0330, has a dynamic range of seventy two.four dB (see brochure). for this reason from a pure technical angle, this camera isn’t always presenting genuine wide Dynamic variety.

there may be advanced night time performance with WDR enabled on this digicam. observe that a excessive dynamic range quantity (>a hundred dB) does not assure extremely good night time performance if other components of the digital camera are poor (processor, lens, firmware).

comparison with Mobius

The four most important variations among the Innovv C1 and the Mobius are:

automobile one hundred eighty deg. rotation for films when recording begins (beneficial whilst the cam is established upside down)
G-sensor (will be beneficial for parking mode)
LED mild in the the front (not that beneficial for sprint cams)
The Mobius every so often reasons GPS interference, the Innovv C1 has an aluminum case which prevents this

computer GUI for Settings

The Innovv C1 has a pc GUI software available that permits the settings to be adjusted. this system can be downloaded:

C1-GUI Configuration application v0.03.exe
C1-GUI Configuration utility v0.02.exe
C1-GUI Configuration utility v0.01.rar
there may be also an EZ Configuration tool.

should I buy?

Going face to face in opposition to the Mobius is a difficult mission. The Innovv C1 is a extra stylish digicam and has some greater capabilities (maximum fantastic are the G-sensor and no GPS interference).

however the Mobius has a bigger assist community of users given the hundreds which have been offered and also utilizes a general USB cable. The Mobius additionally has arguably higher video best which might be due to greater advanced firmware and higher best lens. general, the Mobius is a barely better purchase but the more features of the Innovv C1 makes it a decent purchase for a few users. See our whole contrast on the sprint cam comparison web page.

where to purchase for lowest price

This camera sells on eBay and on line companies. at the same time as the camera costs approximately $70, you’ll need to buy a car charger adapter ( a 2M cable is now blanketed – may be too quick) in case you would really like to apply this as a sprint cam.

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