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Meeting Your Older Dog

It’s far important on such an exciting day to be nicely prepared for your new addition to the circle of relatives, and to additionally bear in mind life in this life-changing day from the pup’s attitude too.

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Domestic dog dog training Рa way to put together for the meeting: national puppy day memes

when you have any other dog, they will or may not welcome your new addition. each canine will react differently to a brand new pup in their domestic. a few will be pleasant and enjoy the new organization; but others may be aggressive because of fear, or annoyance at this new addition on their patch of territory.

you as the owner have to have a honest idea of ways your canine will react to a brand new pup. if you feel that your dog is not going to be welcoming you then need to cautiously control the first meeting in a neutral vicinity, that is to keep away from any territorial drive and protection from your older dog. however you have to take into account that your new puppy won’t be absolutely vaccinated so he may be susceptible to sicknesses, therefore take care where you take them for their neutral grounded assembly!

at the assembly restrain considered one of them so they’re each now not loose, this can assist to diffuse any state of affairs extra speedy, however additionally understand that older puppies may be greater protective whilst on a lead, and additionally your domestic dog will now not be lead skilled as but so that you have to take care and supply this cautious attention. keep them at a secure distance in the beginning, and step by step permit them closer until contact and sniffing takes area. it is good concept to maintain them transferring too, as other smells and attractions may additionally help preoccupy them and make the meeting much less severe. it’s far vital which you as handlers are comfy and satisfied, in any other case strain or fear could have a power on the situation.